Quality Policy

In the production of all kinds of automatic door systems;
Rapidly adapting the changing technology to our production and marketing-sales activities, increase the quality and efficiency in products and production,
Ensure that it operates in accordance with all legal regulations in the field of door production, marketing and sales, give importance to the training of our employees, ensure their effective participation in the quality system,
Ensure customer satisfaction, It is our policy to maintain the continuity of our system with the importance as Isodoor,
we attach to continuous improvement activities in every field.

Occupational Health and Safety Policy

Fulfill the legal obligations and the conditions determined by the relevant parties while performing our production and other ordinary activities under standard conditions with specified criteria, use safe equipment and appropriate technology for a healthy and safe working environment, that may cause an occupational accident or a possible occupational disease in the workplace and substitution extension, determine in advance the unsafe situations and movements that will negatively affect the environment, possible accident risks, by making an effective risk assessment with a proactive approach, reduce or completely eliminate the severity of harm, manage our risks effectively with our employees and solution partners with our continuous improvement approach, protect the occupational health and safety of our employees, interns, visitors and subcontractor company personnel at the highest level, Considering the development of the industrial world, we consider it our duty to prepare for the scenario of positive / negative situations that may be encountered in the future, protect human health and life caused by irreparable mistakes and imprudence, We are committed to ensuring concentration with human-centered continuous improvement, increasing the motivation environment, creating an OHS culture and making it a lifestyle.

Environmental Policy

Comply with all legal and special conditions related to the environment and continuously improve the Environmental Management System and performance,
Considering the environmental effects, creating methods to prevent pollution at its source before it occurs,
Utilizing our wastes generated during our activities by recycling or reuse,
Protect the environment we work with and to ensure that our natural resources are used efficiently,
Increase environmental awareness.