As Isodoor Automatic Door Systems, we joined the sector in the Nederlands at 1992. After 15 years on the production and installation of garage doors and industrial doors, We started our investments with production and management facility in Turkey since 2007.

In 2009, we established a production and management facility of 5000 m² in Kayseri Mimarsinan Industrial Zone and achieved a standard that will meet the general needs of the sector and the company.

We have started the production of sandwich panels in our own production facility by investing in a new production panel line on an area of 14.000 m² in Kayseri Mimarsinan Industrial Zone since 2013. With modern technology, a strong team and innovative R&D studies, we have achieved a strong position in the international market and carried out many projects.

In 2019, we continued our investments by establishing our Marmara Branch in Istanbul with the aim of reaching a wider audience.

We are proud to bring products with more than fifty different panel models and color variety to the sector.

As İsodoor, we have always put quality production among our priorities. In addition, We have included the distinguished brands of European automation products in order to meet the needs of the sector.

As Isodoor, we are here for you with the first days of excitement and experience.


Turkey to strengthen the leading position in the production sector and operates a leading position in the country increased, the example shown in the sector and become a strong global chain.




The strategy is above all the expectations of consumers in Turkey in modern production, we can offer the best quality product to our customers by providing services in different formats.


Our Values

Customer Focus – Superior Business Ethics – Respect for the Environment and Society – Resource Management and Productivity Participatory Management Approach – Team Work – Honesty and Transparency Mutual Respect and Love – Creativity – Perfection

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We tried to collect the reasons we believe to be important for you to choose us under the following headings. We are honored to see you among our customers.


International Quality

Isodoor branded sectional doors and sandwich panels and door hardware parts have been tested by the international test center RİSE-SP.

5 Years Warranty

Our sandwich panel products used in sectional doors are covered by a 5-Year Warranty against paint corrosion and deformation.

Domestic Production

Our sectional door sandwich panels have 100% domestic goods, our industrial and garage doors have 85% Domestic Goods certification.

Advanced Manufacturing Facility

Our company, which manufactures at European standards, has advanced automation systems in an open area of 14.000 m² and closed area of 6.500 m²


With 30 years of industry experience, we maintain a quality service concept in order to provide the most suitable solution for your needs.

Wide Dealer Network

Turkey’s 81 provinces and 45 countries in worldwide, we work with our partners to deliver the same quality service to our valued customers.

Spare Part

10-year spare parts availability guarantee for products supplied by our company. In this way, you can use your doors with peace of mind for years.

Solution Oriented Innovation

Our R & D unit produces sandwich panels in different models and colors and works with the understanding of harmony is important for your buildings, Isodoor necessary for harmony.


Fast Production

By equipping our production facilities with advanced automation systems, we are able to make fast production and timely delivery.