seksiyonel kapılar

Sectional Doors

Sectional door consists of many parts coming together. Although only sandwich panels can be seen from the outside, it actually consists of approximately 35 different parts.

garaj kapısı

Garage Doors

The garage door is a door model that provides a high level of insulation, which is used to protect private villa garages and the car entrance and exit areas of car parks of residences, shopping malls.

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Industrial Doors

Industrial door is the most preferred sectional door model, providing high-level insulation and security is at the forefront. Different lifting systems are used according to the beam.

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Full View Doors

Full view doors are the doors that are produced for today’s modern businesses, especially for automotive sales offices and factory entrances and exits.

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Mirror Doors

Mirrored full-vision doors are the models that are used in today’s modern buildings, which beautify the exhibition areas of the products in special showroom sections in harmony with the structures.

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High Speed Doors

These are the doors that are used indoors and outdoors of your facility to operate in difficult and variable weather conditions, to open and close hundreds of times in heavy traffic, and to reduce time waste.

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Dock Levellers

Dock levellers; It is an indispensable part of businesses that require fast shipping such as factories, industrial facilities and warehouses. Offered with hinged and telescopic models.

yükleme körüğü

Dock Shelters

Dock Shelters, which are indispensable for loading systems, protect your load from external factors such as hot, cold, dust and rain, and prevent energy loss with its contribution to the insulation of enterprises.

seksiyonel kapı sandviç panel

Sandwich Panel Models

Sandwich panels can now appear to be fully compatible with these structures. With different models and colors, industrial and garage doors gain a modern look.

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Industrial Door Openers

There are many different models of motors and bottom-safety systems to be used in industrial doors. You can choose accessories according to your needs.

garaj kapısı motoru

Garage Door Openers

There are many different models of motor and safety photocell systems to be used in garage doors. You can choose accessories according to your needs.

seksiyonel kapı donanım parçaları

Sectional Door Hardwares

Approximately 35 different pieces of products are used in sectional doors, depending on the dimensions. These parts are sent ready for assembly.