Pass Door Use in Sectional Doors

In sectional garage door and industrial door, a part of the door can be divided by fixed panels in order to regulate pedestrian traffic in large buildings. Personnel entrance door can be placed inside these fixed panels. In cases where the width is not too much, the personnel pass door can be opened on the moving panels of the door.
In this alternative, the sectional door and wicket door are opened and closed as a whole. When the service door is open, the engine will not be activated and it prevents your door from getting stuck.


Normal Step & Low Step Pass Doors

yüksek eşikli servis kapısı

Standard threshold service door, threshold height is 20 cm. It is very easy to pass with a step.
It is preferred in areas where usage is not very intensive.

düşük eşikli servis kapısı

The low threshold service door can easily be passed over by wheeled vehicles.
The bottom is 0.9 cm and the top is 2.6 cm high.

isodoor pass door
isodoor yan servis kapısı


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