Industrial door is the most preferred type of door among sectional door models and where high-level insulation is at the forefront. It is used as normal lift, high lift or vertical lift according to the beam section of the area to be applied.

Sectional industrial doors are the most durable and long-lasting doors that are used to provide circulation at the goods entry and exit points, loading and unloading points of factory or warehouse buildings. The 40 mm sandwich panels forming the body of the sectional door provide sound and heat insulation in the place where it is applied with the content of polyurethane (50 kg / m3) with dense insulation additive injected between galvanized steel sheet.

Sectional industrial door systems provide smooth and safe loading and unloading in enterprises with level adjustable ramps and truck bed compactor PVC bellows. Sectional industrial door systems slide open parallel to the ceiling, saving space and the door opening can be used clearly. Industrial door systems can be produced for factories, warehouses or buildings in accordance with the passing gap and height.The sectional industrial door works by sliding in the side rails by using the space between the ceiling height and the upper door level. The door can be installed in different ways in accordance with the distance of this gap. (can be applied with standard, low, high and vertical lifting options.)

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Sectional door systems are standard white (inside and outside RAL 9002) and panels can be applied in different RAL colors in accordance with the exterior of the building. In addition, it can be used with different lifting types depending on the details in the area to be applied. Sectional doors, which play an active role in vehicle and pedestrian traffic, can be applied as standard button, manual chain hoist type or remote control.

Sectional industrial door systems work with a motor system with the side grip directly from the shaft or with a chain system with a chain hoist that operates in the same way.Our industrial doors consist of steel sandwich panels. Sandwich panels are obtained by injecting high pressure polyurethane between galvanized sheet metal plates. Excellent heat insulation is provided by high pressure polyurethane. The wind resistance of our panels is Class 3. The sheet plates on the front and back surfaces of the sectional industrial door panels are firmly connected to each other in four layers. Windows made of double-walled acrylic glass can be opened in desired rows for lighting purposes on the door panels.

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Sectional industrial doors can be easily opened manually by installing a 380 V-AC / 50 Hz electric motor and / or with a torsion spring system that balances the door weight. Door weight does not affect the user. The springs are manufactured as a standard with resistance to 15,000 movements. It can be optionally installed for longer life springs. Sectional industrial door panels are connected to each other with hinges made of galvanized steel. The wheel sets that provide the movement of the door on the rails are made of noise-canceling polyamide to ensure quiet operation.

EPDM seals located between the sectional industrial door panels, on the top, sides and bottom of the door, prevent the passage of dust, air and water and provide a high level of impermeability. The special hollow rubber seal under the door ensures that the door presses softly on the ground, and at the same time, it provides jamming safety with the opto laser system used as standard in motorized doors. With a small touch under the gasket, the door will continue to run in the opposite direction as the lasers cut off communication, and it will not harm you and your vehicles.

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Sectional industrial door panels are pulled by winding steel ropes into drums that vary according to the size and lifting type of the door. If the ropes are broken or the springs are broken or damaged in any way, the door is prevented from falling with the rope break safety system and the spring break safety system.In case of power failure, industrial door motor systems are opened manually by unloading the motor shaft or with the help of a chain. It does not require lubrication for lifetime. Meanwhile, even if there is electricity, manual control has priority in terms of user safety.

Sectional door can be divided into a part of the door with fixed panels in order to regulate pedestrian traffic in doors with a large width. Personnel entrance door can be placed inside these fixed panels. In cases where the width is not too much, the personnel pass door can be opened on the moving panels of the door. In this alternative, the industrial door and wicket door are opened and closed as a whole. When the service door is open, the motor will not be activated and it will prevent your door from getting stuck.

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In addition to industrial sectional factory doors, industrial panels that do not show the interior, we also have FULL VIEW SECTIONAL DOORS, which are made of aluminum profiles and plexiglass glass, which draw attention with their external compatibility and showcase appearance.

  • Cable break safety system,
  • The spring set consists of double springs,
  • Spring buffers,
  • 2 mm 2 ”galvanized steel rail set,
  • Aluminum top sealing profile,
  • Aluminum bottom sealing profile,
  • EPDM bottom sealing gasket,
  • EPDM top sealing gasket,
  • Solid shaft with keyway,
  • 65 mm omega wind support sheet is used for doors wider than 6000 mm,
  • Door Handle,
  • Spring break safety system (O),
  • Rear connection C profile,
  • Epdm-Pvc Side sealing gasket,
  • After 5500 mm double side hinges and long wheel are used,
  • Adjustable double wheel system (O),
  • Fixed side hinge system (O).

In industrial sectional doors;
Minimum beam spacing for low lifting = 200 mm
Minimum beam distance for standard lifting = 450 mm,
Minimum beam distance for high lifting = Door height + 1000 mm,
Minimum beam spacing for vertical lifting = Door height x 2 space required..


• Isodoor panels  were tested in Europe at 2019 according to the  ISO EN 13241-1 quality management system by SP company and has been succesful.

• The door panels are  40 mm thick (0,5 mm galvanized steel + 50 m3 polyurethane + 0,5 mm galvanized steel)

• There are  weatherstrips between the two panels.• Inner and outer sheets of the panels are fixed to separation

• Two panels are joined by  hinge and have been the integral structure

• Polyurethane CFC freeand protects your door of mildew and bacteria • Heat transfer coefficient of the panels are 0:50 W / m² • C.

• Polyurethane filler density of 50 m3

• Polyurethane fillers average thermal conductivity of 9,97 C degrees at 0,017Kcall/(m.K)

• Wind resistance of polyurethane filler is EN 12444, 12427 Std, Class en 12424 and Class3

• The waterproofing value is  EN 12425 class2

• Air permeability value is EN 12426, EN12427Std, class EN12424 class3

• Panels has a finger-safe protection 

• Weight of panels are 11 kg/m2•

When the doors length higher than 6 m, reinforcment profile are used on the doors.

• Spring are galvanized or painted.

• Cable is cut to lenght and assembled Aircaft, 6×19=114 steek wire with PP core

• The shafts used in door are galvanized.

• Spring wire has after coiling , received heat treatment.Also available in power coated or natural And fix-to-size assembled.

• Door rails and brackets , made of 2 mm galvanized metal• Door rail profile has a special twist.This twist keeps wheel in the rail.

• Bracket and rail profile are connected to the pneumatic clamping and It has strong structure

• Whells which is located in the rail an edge of the doors are fabricated by polyamid and these polyamid prevents noise

• Doors have opto-laser safety systems which is bottom of doors in plastic gasted. When doors are closing, if you have small soft touch, door can open to up side.

• There is a combination section that is located between door panels and is useful for impermeability and also there is a rubber seal though integrated panel.

• A rubber outer seal ring with double-lipped which is useful dor impermeabilty and also protects flexibility until 30 degree is located between door panel and upperwall and sidewall

• There is a special porus flexible roving which provides impermeability between door panel and floor and it enables the door to lock on the ground and also this roving is situated into profile of the door’s lower panel.

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Industrial Door Openers

There are many different models of motors and bottom-safety systems to be used in industrial doors. You can choose accessories according to your needs.

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Sandwich Panel Models

Sandwich panels can now appear to be fully compatible with these structures. With different models and colors, industrial and garage doors gain a modern look.

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Sectional Door Hardwares

Approximately 35 different pieces of products are used in sectional doors, depending on the dimensions. These parts are sent ready for assembly.