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Loading Ramp Systems

Loading Ramp Systems 2017-11-08T08:34:26+00:00

Folding exit ramp, install additional ramp bridge PAS

Feeding, additional hydraulic loading ramp bridgePAT


Mechanical folding wedge ramp PEJO (PROMStahl Economic) loading area height only from the loading point Suitable slightly different loading or unloading of vehicles. The tools of the same height of a car park occurred It is the ideal solution. The advantages of this ramp can be mounted quickly and It can be placed on the already existing installation.

PECO-Ramp are mechanically operated with a gas pressure spring and it can be used seamlessly by one person: The platform is removed and folded automatically exit ramp and then opened the floor to the top position of the loading truck It is a thousand. PECO-ramp during loading and unloading “automatic float Location “There, that truck up / down movement respectively.

Shifted Loadin Bridge PPVA · PPV
Fixed loading bridges PPFA · PPF
Loading bridges suitable for external and internal ramps and ramp edge with small and medium height between the vehicle loading floor to overcome the differences which find application as needed. Loading bridges PPV and PPV beginning ramp fixed in a guide profile It is held and are able sideways. loading Bridges and PPV PPV market in accordance with the most widely used profile It is delivered and current guidelines that could be available Changing the profile is eliminating the burden. loading PPF and PPF ramp bridges are connected to a steel hinge head and using a business arm of the loading area to the loading function It is reduced. PPV and PPF light metal piece with the base models is fitted so that the top edge of the ramp to the lopsided truck the optimal adaptation is guaranteed.
Compression springs are to compensate for the weight of the bridge, so loading bridges It can be used without any problems by a single person. Loading bridges from 2000mm as standard, the two arms It equipped. Thus it is possible to use by two people. Bridges ramp edge in the vertical position when not in use with an automatic anti-fall device is kept and held in this position. All steel components are hot galvanized bridge It can be obtained. PROMStahl bridge with the latest European norms According to EN 1398 requirements.


Scrollable loading bridge PKBS

Small and medium-height loading bridges PROMStahl It is suitable to overcome the difference and is required by one person It can be heated. Since the bridge can be shifted to and use of the It stands in a vertical position on the edge of the ramp. 40 kN capacity up to 135 mm with up to height Differences can be compensated.

Loading bridge is very robust, weatherproof aluminum It is manufactured from high alloy and modern goods traffic Suitable for expectations. Automatically engaging and simple way discharged involuntarily fall protection to prevent tipping.


Portable container loading bridge PQM

Container loading bridge PQM special loading containers and it is designed to be emptied. Courtyard with container floor to compensate for the difference in height between the loading floor is. PQM sturdy structure consists of a steel bridge and shift resources corrugated sheet is equipped with barrier

Bridge rests on container transport vehicle with a courtyard. bridges well located easily fork pockets thanks to the installation point and it can be transported quickly. PROMStahl bridge European EN 1398 Suitable norms.



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