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Loading Bellows Systems

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Storage and truck loading and unloading areas are different because of openings it is formed and traversed for their increased energy expenditures Because it is essential to isolate the most effective way. PROMStahl front and rear frame of the door insulation, together with the articulated arm connected to the high-strength aluminum extrusion shapes It is formed. Very durable PVC tarpaulin flexible 3 mm thick the frame is mounted. Lift the roof and parallel rotation system due to incorrect approaching vehicles at the front or the back-up structure It pulled right, so right at the door approaching truck isolation is not damaged. Visual strips that facilitate docking the front part of the gate insulation It is arranged. Rainwater hand with an integrated rain gutter It is discharged. The standard model in an additional vent in the upper canvas There. Top tarp partially or fully laminated with the difference in price Also available as model. Door insulation into three parts It is delivered as pre-assembled and so little burden on front line It can be secured. The advantages of this type of structure and key money It is saving time.


Inflatable Door Insulation PWI
Inflatable gate insulation PW, optimal insulation general use It combines the facilities. Inflatable side and top cushions loading range is as close to hermetically isolate. Therefore, Such further cooling and air-conditioned storage area home It is very convenient. Summer heat, winter cold, drafts of insects in no way it can escape into the tank. Results in significant energy save and store less of their staff is sick. Also It is not possible to go sneak warehouse. PROMStahl door of isolation front and rear frames of high-strength aluminum It is formed from extruded profiles. The side frame is extremely robust and insulation thickness of 40mm It is produced from the panel. Inflatable top and side cushions automatically as they adapt to the truck sizes. Thus, the loading point also effectively isolate the different sizes of trucks possible. These advantages will quickly amortize the door insulation which makes it a good investment. Three door insulation They are delivered as pre-assembled parts and thus less The expensive to be secured to the front. This structure has the advantage of It is a major time and money savings.


Add Passage PL
Insertion passage, with additional ramp building and door insulation forming a closed loading unit will sit and installation station is a housing containing all components: Loading bridge door insulation and regional gate, ramp, as additional infrastructure mahfazayl together form a complex loading system. Out of a building, structure, putting the user directly to the door opening determinative depending on the model compared with conventional internal ramp It can be advantageous. They can be provided with a new structure, without the need for major renovations provided also be changed in an existing building. adding tion pee channel usage expands the available storage space and clean, it makes thermal separation occurs. The transition duct of the insertion fire the whole series is galvanized steel frame structure. as an option roof drainage and appropriate fasteners to building facades It recommends that you also receive.

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