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Full-View Doors

Full-View Doors 2017-11-08T08:40:35+00:00

Full-Visual sectional doors, manufactured for modern enterprises automotive sales offices and also inputs and outputs of the factory to ensure that safely and quickly.

Full-Visual sectional doors panels are produced by 500 mm – 610 mm aluminum finger-safe aluminum profiles. Standard color is natural anodized.

However,applicable any RAL color according to the color of the exterior or optionally.

Also can be used as a standard control unit and remote control unit.

When touches on an object re-opens the door through laser opto system.

Full-Visual sectional doors, such as standard, low, vertical, guillotine or subsequent roof rails can be in the form of bearing. Thus, the door shall be provided to be the most efficient operation and loss of place as little as possible.

Full-Visual sectional doors, regardless of the weight of the door can be removed manually by winding spring system and In case of any engine failure or power outage doors can be used manually.