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Sectional Garage Door

ISODOOR garage doors are first class products, manufactured and assembled in house for your safety and security. All Sectional garage doors supplied by ISODOOR are CFC free, polyurethane filled, double-skinned galvanized steel panel construction. The 40mm thick panel construction provides incredible strength, and reduces damage from knocks and bumps.

Sectional doors are particularly recommended for garages with very good thermal insulation, sealed panels ensure high thermal insulation. The seals around the perimeter of the door and between the door panels ensure a great insulation from the external environment. When properly installed with a level floor, the sectional doors can provide a very high level of sealing against environmental conditions., perfect for applications where temperature control is important.

Sectional garage doors offer the greatest degree of aesthetic adaptability. It comprises a number of large sections or panels that come in a wide range of designs and colors. Made from hinged panels that slide vertically along tracks as the door opens and closes, save space in front and inside of your garage. For openings with low ceiling heights, sectional garage doors are often a better fit than other doors.

The spring system provides a much smoother operation than conventional doors, which is particularly useful on larger sized doors. All Sectional garage doors can be either manually or remotely operated,

Safety and Security

Sectional door panels are also safe, with anti-entrapment design between the sections to prevent finger trapping, and a number of other safety features that meet all current legal regulations

Electrically operated doors stop immediately if an obstacle is detected on the door way and opens for security purposes.

Emergency release locking system is used in case of malfunction or power failure, the emergency key release is especially useful if there is no other access into the garage.



Operates by lifting vertically, hinging at the top of the opening and running horizontally under the ceiling. Sectional garage doors have alternative choices of either torsion or tension spring lifting mechanisms. The spring position can be either vertical side mounted tension or horizontal torsion front or rear mounted.

Each option requires a slightly different headroom requirement, and the important structural fixing points vary for installing the springs and tracks. Proper installation of the spring is very important for trouble free and safe operation.

All parts are hot dipped galvanized with quality grade steel ribs between the panels for greater strength. A 25,000 cycle springs standard. Higher cycle springs can be manufactured for unit complexes and other doors that require commercial frequency opening.



  • 40 mm thick, double-skinned steel sections
  • Extremely robust and highly insulating
  • Large range of decorative embossed designs and woodgrain patterns.
  • Almost all RAL colors are optionally available
  • Vertical travel for maximum use of drive space
  • They open upwards and run parallel to the ceiling and require little headroom
  • In case of damage, sections or panels can be replaced individually
  • Fit easily into very wide openings
  • Also with matching side doors or integrated wicket doors
  • Can be fitted with optional windows.