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Sectional Industrial Doors

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Sectional Industrial Door design is the ideal solution for clients who need robust, well-insulated doors with security and functionality in their facilities.

Thanks to its design, our sectional doors can be adapted easily to any type of space, since they are composed of compact panels, that slide upwards through the lateral track and reinforced by a system of springs. The doors are balanced with the torsion springs and they are the most convenient system of closing and opening; moreover, their operation is very smooth, practical and safe.

Our range of strong, industrial doors with the application of the sealed panels ensure high thermal insulation., avoiding water inlets, dust, air currents and prevents air conditioning losses. The seals around the perimeter of the door and between the door panels ensure a great insulation from the external environment

Quality materials, exact processing and constant quality checks promise excellent safety, dependability and long service life for sectional industrial doors.

o   Industrial Sectional Doors are perfect for all logistical, industrial and warehouse requirements.

  • The doors can be equipped with wicked (service) door.
  • Sectional doors can be equipped with glazing window or they can also be produced as full vision from aluminum panels. Windows can be installed on single or multiple panels.
  • Full vision Sectional doors made up of panels with 40 mm thick extruded aluminum with a wide range of optional glazing and accessories.

o   Panels can be prefinished in an extensive range of colors and materials

o   Pre-coated, galvanized steel 50 and 61 cm sandwich panels, with different RAL color option.

o   Doors can easily be repaired using replacement materials and components

Sectional doors are adaptable and suitable both for new buildings and for renovations. The door also offers numerous design and color options wide range of models and finishes of sectional doors are available according to the needs and technical requirements of each project.

Sectional Door Standard Specifications at a glance.

40 mm thick sandwich panel, CFC-free and HCFC-free polyurethane, fully encapsulated, outer surfaces; roll-formed 0,5 mm 2 layers coated galvanized steel.

Surface design: embossed ribbed, embossed micro ribbed and embossed partitioned.

European safety standards

Rope Break Safety

Finger Trap Safety

Spring Break safety for chain hoist systems. (optional for engine automated systems)

Torsion springs in order to balance the door weight

Standard spring cycle: 15,000 cycles.

Galvanized steel rail set

Wind support Profile for lengths more than 6000 mm

Air Permeability: Class 2

Resistance to wind load: Class 3

Resistance to water penetration: Class 2

Double roller holder hinges for the lengths more than 5500 m

Galvanized steel hinges and fixtures. Ball bearing rollers with hardened steel track.


•                    Glazing window or full glazing

•                    Wicked door

•                    Electric operator or Chain hoist

•                   Bottom-sensing edge

•                    Optional safety devices

•                    Optional control devices